As of december 2023, Pam Grier Net Worth around $6 million. Her long acting career tracked with endorsement deals and other business opportunities can sum up her net worth. Surely though skills and hard work have to factoring into at least some degree of her financial success.

Pam Grier’s Early Career and Bio

Pam Grier was born on May 26, 1949 in North Carolina; her mother was a nurse and father worked on Air Force planes. She has one sister and one brother.

Pam Grier is an American actress and singer, best known for the role in the blaxploitation films of the 1970s. In them, long-held racial stereotypes turned around, with stereotypical characters become aspirational figures to audiences that had been short-changed for decades by being portrayed as maids, chauffeurs, pimps, butlers, and drug dealers. Some iconic roles are:

  • Foxy Brown (1974): A nurse seeking revenge for her lover’s murder.
  • Coffy (1973): A nurse who becomes a vigilante to fight drug crime.
  • Jackie Brown (1997): A flight attendant caught between the DEA and a gun runner, in Quentin Tarantino’s critically acclaimed film.

Pam Grier’s Body Measurements

Height5 ft 8 in | 173 cm
Weight70 kg | 154 lbs
B-W-H40-28-40 in
Bra Size36D
Shoe size10 US | 40.5 EU

Pam Grier’s Notable films List

  • Jackie Brown (1997): Flight attendant caught in a crime drama. (Quentin Tarantino film)
  • Escape from L.A. (1996): Action sci-fi sequel to Escape from New York.
  • Mars Attacks! (1996): Sci-fi comedy about an alien invasion.
  • Jawbreaker (1999): Teen dark comedy about murder and cover-ups.
  • Bones (2001): Thriller about a woman framed for murder.
  • Just Wright (2010): Romantic comedy about a physical therapist.
  • Larry Crowne (2011): Romantic comedy about a laid-off man starting over.
  • Poms (2019): Comedy about a group of older women starting a cheerleading team.

Here is a correction of that sentence in very easy English:

Pam Grier acted in famous movies. She also was in many TV shows. In the 2000s her total net worth was around $1 million. She bought real estate and sold it for very high prices.

Pam Grier Salary

Pam Grier net worth derived from her salary

Movies that paid Pam Grier ranged from the average pay of $300,000 per picture for most films she worked on. She received from a single movie job an enormous payday of $800,000. Even though she was well paid to earn $300,000 wasn’t a huge salary by today’s standards for the Hollywood film star elite. Pam made good money from her acting for many years. But she was not likely among the most highly compensated actresses

Pam Grier Net Worth and Assets

In 2000, Pam got a ranch from Colorado about 4.6 acres. It was worth $449,000. During several years she had been repairing her land and saving horses. In April 2020, Pam tried to give the ranch away, asking for $1 million. In October 2020, she sold it for $940,000.

Pam Grier’s Awards

Pam Grier is an award-winning actress who had received accolade for working in all sorts of movies. She was able to win the Golden Slate Award for Best Female Performance and the Felix Award for Best Actress through her work in the film Jackie Brown.

Pam Grier’s Fan Followers


Pam Grier uses Twitter more than Instagram. She has fewer followers on Instagram. She has more followers on Twitter. But her tweets do not get many responses. She loses about 300 followers on Twitter every month.

Pam Grier’s Social Media Engagement


Pam Grier is an American actress famously known for 1970s movies. As of December 2023, her net worth is estimated to $6 million according to websites. She has earned good money acting many films and TV shows throughout the years in a long-span career. She also invested in real estate, fixing up a Colorado ranch she bought in 2000 and selling in 2020 for a large profit. Though not really still a star today, Pam Grier is remembered for her early roles, having occasional work today at 74.

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