Monica McNutt is a famous person in women’s basketball and broadcasting. She is currently the host of “Nothing But Net” at Stadium. In 2024, Monica McNutt net worth of about $3.3 million. This includes her earnings from media, basketball, and endorsements by Nike and Gatorade.

Backbone of Monica’s Career

Early Life

Monica Mcnutt was born on 24 october 1989 in suitland maryland, she belongs from a sports loving family. Her dad, Kevin McNutt, coached and played basketball with her regularly, which made it her passion since childhood.

Lisa McNutt, a track and field athlete, supported and encouraged Monica as she started her athletic journey. Monica dedicated herself to her education and basketball. She pursued her studies and got an English degree from Georgetown University.

Monica McNutt joined NBC

Monica’s Contributions in Media Network

Monica McNutt gained fame when she joined NBC Sports as an analyst and commentator during the 2016 Rio Olympics. She became well-known for her work in this role. Fans loved her smart observations and charming personality.

She had a close relationship with her supporters, which made her a popular choice for NBC’s sports reporting.

Beyond that, she made impactful contributions to Fox Sports person, breaking down plays in college basketball and football.

What is Monica McNutt’s salary?

Monica isn’t just a skilled basketball player she’s a pro in her roles as a basketball analyst and commentator. Prior to these profile , she gained valuable experience as a reporter for the ACC Network. Monica McNutt salary is around $77,000+ in monthly from ESPN as a Basketball Analyst.

This income’s contribute to Monica McNutt Net Worth, aside from her basketball career.

Monica McNutt bikini image

Monica’s Investment and Assets

You know Monica, right? She’s super talented and smart. She has accomplished things on her own and earned herself a cool $3.3 million. Monica knows how to spread her money around and make smart moves.

Monica has invested in various stocks, assets, and real estate, including Amazon and Netflix.

Monica McNutt Net Worth Growth Table

We’ve got this cool chart that lays out how Monica McNutt net worth is growing. It’s like a visual story of Monica climbing higher and higher in her financial success journey. Check it out to see how she’s hitting those new tops over past 3 years.

Monica McNutt Net Worth Growth chart
YearNet Worth
2024$3.3 Million
2023$3 Million
2022$2.5 Million

Monica McNutt Net Worth In different Currency

Monica’s net worth is translated into different currencies its shows impressive results across the board.

CurrencyNet Worth
USD3.3 million
EUR2.96 million
GBP2.52 million
AUD4.47 million
CAD4.17 million
NZD4.72 million
INR24.55 crore

Which car does Monica McNutt drive?

Right now Monica McNutt recently bought an 2022 Lexus NX 350h Luxury model. This is midsize luxury SUV that cost her $53,840.

Monica McNutt Net Worth and Annual Income

Monica McNutt makes around 1.5 million dollars each year. She earns money from broadcasting and brand endorsements, like Nike and Gatorade. We does not know some of her income sources, so she could potentially make even more money. All these things play a role in increasing Monica McNutt net worth, which has reached an impressive $3.3 million.

Monica mcnutt measurement

Monica mcnutt Measurements

Monica mcnutt height and weight

Monica McNutt tall at 6 feet and maintains a strong physique, and her weight is 70 kg. She attend gym in the regular basis to maintain her physique.

Monica Mcnutt bra , hips size

Monica is a former basketball player and has played on women’s basketball teams. Monica has an incredibly sexy figure. Monica’s bra size is 32B, complementing her measurements of a 25-inch waist and 36-inch hips.

Monica mcnutt Social Media Analysis

Check this out- Monica’s social media is thriving. Every day she’s gaining around 208 new followers, and on a monthly average, it’s a lot – 6240 new people’s joining the fan club. With that kind of growth, Monica can easily get brand promotions, and she charging anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000.

Monica mcnutt social media growth
Social MediaFollowers Count
Monica mcnutt Wikipedian/a

Final Thoughts on Monica McNutt Net Worth

Monica McNutt net worth sits at a cool $3.3 million in 2024. She stacked this paper through her major contributions in basketball and sports broadcasting. Fans love her smarts and charm on networks like NBC and ESPN, where she get salary around $77K+ monthly.

Investing in stocks and assets, Monica makes good moves to grow her worth. She’s also raking in solid brand deal dough from big names like Nike.

Monica McNutt age just 34, she built good career and finances. Her rising net worth is proof of her talent and business mindset.

FAQs on Monica McNutt

Where does Monica McNutt live?

Monica McNutt’s current place of residence is not publicly disclosed.

How did Monica McNutt accumulate her wealth?

Monica became rich from playing basketball, getting endorsements, and working as a basketball analyst and commentator.

What is Monica McNutt’s estimated net worth

Monica McNutt’s estimated net worth is around $3.3 Million.

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