If you are looking for Nana Hats Net Worth than your search ends here actually Nana Hats is a business owned by Sean Adler. He came up with the initial idea for Nana Hats in 2016 while struggling with browning bananas. Sean Adler or Nana hats net worth, including his wealth management job at one of the country’s largest investment banks as well as his Nana Hats business, is estimated to be around $750,000

What is Nana Hats?

We’ve all been there – you buy a nice bunch of fresh, yellow bananas from the store, fully planning to eat them all. But inevitably, some of those bananas end up turning brown and sad before you get to them, and they wind up in the trash. What a waste!

This was always one of those things for Sean Adler. One day in 2016 he was staring down yet another bunch of browning bananas when he had an idea. What if he could retard the ripening process so those bananas lasted longer? Finally, a little research showed him that as bananas ripen, the give off ethylene gas which in truth speeds the actual ripening. So Sean started to play with prototypes for little caps that could be put on the top of the bananas therefore it would intercept some of that ethylene gas absorption.

His tinkering paid off when Sean created the very first Nana Hats – cute and functional silicone caps that slip over the tops of bananas and have built-in magnets so you can accessorize them with different styles of hats. It brings a whimsical twist to day-old bananas waiting on your countertop. While Nana Hats don’t share an exact number for how many extra days you’ll get out of your bananas, customers report staying fresh for an average of 8 to 12 extra days.

nana hats owner and ceo

Who is Nana Hats Owner?

The founder of Nana Hats is Sean Adler who is a Wealth Manager at largest investment banks.There is limited information about him, including his birth date, birthplace, and family. All information of his operation reached publicity only after he appeared on Shark Tank (Season 14, Episode 8) as Shark Tank Entrepreneur. His innovative cute-hat idea used to keep bananas fresh and prevent from browning was convincing enough for the judges, so they invested their money.

Nana Hats was founded in 2019, by San Diego, California native Sean Adler. In September of the following year, Nana Hats launched its Kickstarter campaign with a collection six styles and a goal of $3,000.

nana hats at Shark Tank

What Happend to nana hats at Shark Tank?

This past November on Shark Tank, inventor Sean Adler presented the Nana Hats to invest 150k for a 10% stake in the company. The Sharks took the bait — and Lori Greiner and Peter Jones teamed up to snag a deal with Nana Hats. They committed $150,000 but got Adler to agree to part with 20% of the company instead.

Nana Hats Sales and Revenues

  • After appearing on Shark Tank, Nana Hats experienced a surge in sales, even selling out on Amazon within 48 hours of airing.
  • Nana Hats typically sells its products in 2-unit packages priced around $13.
  • The company’s founder projected over $600,000 in gross revenue for 2023.
  • Over 60% of total revenue comes from direct sales to consumers.

Profits,Valuation and Nana Hats net worth

  • As of 2023, Nana Hats net worth is estimated to be $750,000.
  • Prior to Shark Tank, the estimated valuation was $1.5 million.
  • Profit margins are strong at around 33% according to projections, equaling around $200,000 in net profit for 2023.
  • The cost to manufacture one Nana Hats unit is approximately $2.

Investments and Partnerships

Nana Hats secured a $150,000 investment deal from two Shark Tank investors for 20% equity. Additional funding and partnerships after Shark Tank have contributed to Nana Hats increased valuation and net worth.

nana hats per day sales

Nana Hats per day Sales

After their appearance in the Shark Tank, Amazon sold out all Nana Hats within 48 hours after an episode was shown. This shows high demand and volume of sales characteristic to a short period of time.

The founder of Nana Hats forecasted that the company’s gross revenues would be over $600,000 for 2023. This forecast includes the Nana Hats net worth. Shared by each of the 365 days in a year, then each day would equally sum to the $600,000 in even distribution if shared by the 365 days per year, averaging to $1,644 per day ($600,000 / 365 = $1,643.84).

We know nana hats sales spiked huge after exposure from the show before likely settling into more consistent baseline numbers. But a rough ballpark would be daily sales averaging between $1,500-$2,000 based on limited revenue data shared.

Variety of Nana hats Stylish hats

Nana Hats offers 13 different hat styles to keep bananas fresh and prevent from browning.

Nana hats Stylish hats
  • Octopus
  • Monkey
  • Cat
  • Unicorn
  • Santa
  • Watermelon
  • Shark
  • Pirate
  • Panda
  • Pineapple
  • Viking
  • Pink Beanie
  • Yellow Beanie

Where to buy Nana hats

You can choose your favorite stylish hat for your bananas from Nana Hats official website.

Nana Hats Fan Followers

Social MediaFollowers
Twitter22 Followers
Pinterest6 followers, 4.3k monthly views

Tiktok Statistics

Being the relatively new brand Nana Hats doesn’t give in when it comes to the entire world name recognition. But still quite steadily through social media platforms this relatively new brand is gaining their fans. Currently, their TikTok account has thousands of followers with an average of 20 new a day and as much s 600 a month. Though still at the growth stage, Nana Hats aims to have over 500k total followers by 2024 across all platforms.

nana hats Tiktok Statistics


Nana Hats was a small enterprise and it began developing just a few years ago. Nana Hats was founded as a small company manufacturing funny hats for the protection of bananas. Within three years, by appearing in Shark Tank, Nana Hats got investments. Nana hats net worth is around $750,000 as of january 2024. Nana Hats sells more hats and is becoming increasingly popular, particularly on TikTok with over 100k followers. The company is dramatically enlarging with the help of investments, partnership, as well as social media. Nana Hats appears to continue developing in order to be more successful.

How many different types of banana hats does Nana Hats have?

Nana Hats makes 13 funny banana hats to keep your bananas fresh. The different styles are Octopus, Monkey, Cat, Unicorn, Santa Claus, Watermelon, Shark, Pirate, Panda, Pineapple, Viking, Pink Beanie, and Yellow Beanie. Each hat fits over your bananas nicely to protect them from turning brown. With so many fun hats to pick from, you can find the perfect one to match your personality! Nana Hats has a banana hat for everyone.

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