Introduction to Conrad Khan Net Worth

Conrad Khan is an aspiring English 23-year-old actor who has taken off. He has been featured in films such as County Lines and Kindling among other thrillers in addition to top-shot television series like Peaky Blinders. Conrad Khan net worth hits $1M. His great acting in movies and shows has earned awards nods from BAFTA, BIFA. This rising UK actor banks on standout roles that display strong talent.

How old is conrad khan?

Conrad Khan came into this world in the month of July 2000. Public records will show that he was born right here in London, England within the United Kingdom as well, where he still lives to this day. Now in the year 2023, that means the emerging actor has reached his 23rd year of life soon to embark on his 24th trip around the sun. Hailing from a mother of Germany and father of Pakistan, Khan entered his North Londonher residence with the new millennium. His Hampstead brought him into headway with the renowned ‘Arcola Youth Theatre’ during years of youth. So while Conrad may be making big waves in film and television at present, he recalls his London roots grow up in the early 2000s. This July Khan likely will celebrate another birthday in the British city he calls home.

conrad khan net worth

Conrad Khan’s Acting Background

Conrad Khan developed a passion for drama at a young age. He attended the Arcola Youth Theatre to study acting more deeply. After auditioning for five years as a child actor, Khan finally got his big break from a chance encounter – a celebrity barber connected him with a casting agent customer. This kickstarted Conrad ‘s acting success.

Conrad Khan’s Net Worth

Although early in his career, Conrad has already amassed an estimated net worth of $1 million. He earns income through his acting roles and various advertisement deals and sponsorships. Conrad Khan’s income seems to be coming primarily from his acting salaries and payments for his role appearances.

Conrad Khan’s Body Measurements

In addition to acting skills, Conrad has the gifts of good looks and fitness. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 128 pounds. Conrad has an athletic physique, with seeing eyes that appear blue in color and stylish, brown hair.

Conrad Khan height

Unknown Things About Conrad Khan

The key points from Conrad Khan’s interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK:

After watching a recent interview here is some overview points of unknown things about conrad khan

  • Guilty pleasure is watching Antique Roadshow by himself in a very dark room
  • Feels guilty about his specific McDonald’s order – a chicken legend meal with no sauce, then gets a side of sweet chili sauce to add himself
  • Party trick is something you’ve seen before
  • Superpower would be to have a perfect memory and recall everything he reads, as well as the ability to forget a few things
  • Found the audition process very surreal – sitting in a room with 10 other boys who looked just like him
  • Had to awkwardly dance by himself on camera during one strange audition
  • The job that changed his life was starring in the film County Lines a few years ago
  • If he wasn’t an actor, his dream career would be owning his own stationery shop
  • Dream acting roles would be Batman or James Bond
  • Loved collaborating on developing his County Lines character with the writer and director over 2 years
  • Best career advice is to just control what you can control and do your best
  • Has never felt starstruck meeting famous people – finds everyone is normal and insane
  • Channels feelings like anger and sadness into positive outlets like acting
  • Happiest when at home with tea, biscuits, lights off, TV on, around loved ones
  • Has never been in love – hopes she’s not watching
  • Advice to his younger self would be to be kinder to himself
  • Feels privileged and humbled to be nominated for awards like BAFTA Rising Star

Conrad Khan’s Social Media

Social MediaFollowers
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Conrad khan movies and tv shows

Conrad Khan is known for along with the movie name and release year

  • The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016)
  • Black mirror (2019)
  • baptiste (2021)
  • Country Lines (2019)
Conrad Khan Award Nominations

Conrad Khan Award Nominations

Conrad Khan Award Nominations for the London Critics Circle Film Awards and the British Independent Film Awards thanks to his work in the film “County Lines” of 2019. Besides, his growing fame and accolades have him nominated for the 2021 BAFTA Rising Star Award and became a 2020 Screen International Star of Tomorrow.

  • London Critics Circle Film Awards (2021)
  • Most Promising Newcomer – British Independent Film Awards (2021)
  • BAFTA Rising Star Award (2021)
  • Screen International Star of Tomorrow (2020)
  • EE Rising Star Award in 2021

How old is Conrad Khan?

Conrad Khan was born in July 2000, making him 22 years old as of 2023. His exact birth date in July is not publicly listed online. However, given the year 2000 birth, Khan is currently in his 23rd year in terms of age.

Conrad Khan Net Worth?

Conrad khan estimated net worth of $1 million. He earns income through his acting roles and various advertisement deals and sponsorships

What is Conrad Khan’s Instagram handle?

Conrad Khan’s official Instagram account is @conrad_khan where he has over 14.6k followers currently. His Instagram provides fans a window into his life and upcoming projects.

What movies and TV shows has Conrad Khan been in?

Some of Conrad Khan’s most notable acting credits include The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016), Black Mirror (2019), Baptiste (2021), and County Lines (2019). He has roles in both film and television.

How tall is Conrad Khan?

Conrad Khan stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall and is said to weigh approximately 128 pounds.

What awards is Conrad Khan nominated for?

Conrad has received nominations from the London Critics Circle Film Awards, the British Independent Film Awards BAFTA Rising Star Award, Screen International Star of Tomorrow list, and more. This recognizes his skills and talent.

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